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"Where's the wolf, DarkRider?"  I can already hear our surfers wondering if I was drunk when I did this page.  No drunker than when I did the rest... Al doesn't pay me, but I do steal his liquer - if you can call the swill he drinks liquer...

This page has nothing to do with our providing the best wrenching and building in the universe, so I decided to use one of my 3-D hogs as a banner instead. Once in awhile I get tired (real tired) of page continuity.

Anyways, we'll post links to sites we like (or feel you should know about) here, and we won't post links to posers, idiots or pickpockets - if you get my drift.


Biker News is about the only place on the web where you can find out what's happening to folk like us...

Who is starting chapters and where, who is getting busted, who is popping who, etc.

The site also offers a "cops gone bad" section, links to club websites and more.

If you're interested in what's happening outside your chapter or state and you don't want to just guess - this site may be helpful, or at least provide a laugh.

I was gonna come up with a bro sittin' on the throne readin' a paper as a link, but (as usual) laziness won out.  You'll have to click on the pan to the left to get there...

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