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Complete Machine Shop Service

Certified Motorcycle Technician

Specializing in Engine and Transmission

O.E.M. and Aftermarket Parts & Accessories
for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.


Tires-Oil Changes: Reasonable rates
Digital Spin Balancing.      

All Work Guaranteed!

For All Your Harley Needs

From "Flathead"
to "Fathead"

We do it all!

Complete Machine Shop Services
Valve Seat and/or Guide Installation
Machine Engine Cases for Big Bore Kit
Repair Broken Engine Cases
Complete Engine Rebuilding
All types of welding
Powder Coating
Custom Painting
Cylinder Boring-Honing
Balancing-Truing Flywheels
Machine Cases for Stroker Clearances
883cc to 1200cc Conversions
Performance Rebuilds
Glass Beading
Frame Alterations: Stretching, Raking, HiBoy or any combination desired
Ask about our custom HDR Models (built to your specifications)
We also carry a complete line of Custom Chrome HR3 Kit Bikes (2 year, 20,000 mile Engine Warranty & 5yr. 50,000 mile Transmission Warranty)

Toll Free: 866-4HD-Only

 Personalized Custom Work
H-D Only: We put the "Personal" back into "Custom"

Bikers customize their rides for a lot of reasons - some want top-end cruising power, some want low-end stop-light to stop-light torque, for others handling is everything and some just want the flashiest Hog on the block.

No matter why you're customizing, it's one of the most personal parts of riding, and you want it done by

professionals, people who will take pride in making sure that what you dreamed of, is what you wind up riding.

H-D Only does a lot of custom work, and we proudly use "We put the "Personal" back into "Custom"" as our slogan.  No matter what your goal for your bike is, we help you meet it, and never lose track of your dream in the process.

H-D Only

 Tour Our Shop...
Check out the shop...

You can tell a lot by how a shop looks...

After all, a shop with most of it's space taken up by "biker clothes", Easyrider magazine racks, and cheap little "Made in Japan, or China, or Where-ever" chrome "Go-Fasters" might not be such a hot place to bring your hog for custom or motor work.  You can click on the Evo at the left to take a peek at ours...

  H-D Only

Free Stuff
Downloads & free stuff...

This page will eventually contain an H-D Only screensaver, a bunch of Harley graphics and other stuff, and a wide selection of H-D Only wallpaper.

For now, it just contains a pretty funny "Honda Drop" wallpaper for PC/Windows based computers and a couple of others but more is coming - someday.

H-D Only 

Links Page

This page will grow over time like our webmaster's gut did, but probably not as fast.  For now, it contains links to bikers news, a fancy-ass bar you'll want to hit when you do Sturgis and a couple others.

To check out our links, click on the chain to the left.  The page is still under construction, so there's no return button... use your browser's "back" button to return to this page.

H-D Only 

While the site's not completely up, the shop is - so stop in if the warm weather is making you think about the engine or tranny repairs you've been putting off, or you just want to make your ride fancier.

When the site is complete, you'll be able to check out bikes we've done, pick up "H-D Only" wallpaper, order parts from on-line catalogs and more.  If you ride, we hope you'll like our site enough to make it a daily surf.

N6796 HWY A
Lake Mills, WI.  53551
Voice: (920) 648-5475
Fax: (920) 648-4263

Toll Free: 866-4HD-Only


SATURDAY                        10A.M. TO 2P.M.


SATURDAY:           "By Appointment Only"

Proprietor:   "Big Al" Behlke

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